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What is a bottle cap

The bottle cap is used to seal bottles. According to different functions, there are different shapes and different operation methods of bottle caps. For example, the mineral water bottle cap is round and twisted, the easy-to-open can cap is circular and pulled, the meat can cap has no fixed shape, what it is like to tear it into, the injection bottle cap is glass integrated, and it needs to be polished around with a grinding wheel and then snapped open; The cap of the beer bottle that men like is pried. The design of the bottle cap is various, and the designers have racked their brains to make it more innovative and attractive.

Xiahui bottle cap---R & D, design, all kinds of special special caps

30 years of hurricane and rain, 30 years of market tempering, Xiahui bottle caps do not seek to be big, only to be specialized and strong, willing to be your famous product safflower sweet green leaves. Choosing Xiahui bottle cap products is your wise choice.



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