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Main types of bottle caps produced by our company


The company produces more than one thousand varieties. Main varieties: twisted aluminum bottle cap, plastic anti-counterfeit bottle cap, aluminum-plastic combination bottle cap, iron-plastic combination bottle cap, tinplate screw cap, stainless steel bottle cap, aluminum oxide bottle cap, plastic bottle cap, cloth side tear-off bottle cap. It is suitable for packaging bottle caps of alcohol, beverage, food, olive oil, cosmetics, health care products, medicine, handicrafts, etc. At present, it adopts modern and new anti-counterfeiting technology, and has excellent technical research and development personnel specialized in supporting the development and research of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps of various packaging containers for domestic and foreign manufacturers, as well as supporting the bottle cap sealing machine and anti-counterfeiting bottle cap capping machine. The company's products are all over the country, Russia, Australia, Portugal, the United States, Japan and other countries.


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Xiahui bottle cap provides design services for famous and valuable products. We also provide free consulting services for related packaging: carton, trademark, shrink film, bottle, can, lid, filling line, sealing machine, etc. It is a bottle cap enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. The cloth side tear-off bottle cap developed by our company for Russian customers has beautiful appearance, high practicability, good sealing, convenient opening, low price, and meets the requirements of food hygiene and environmental protection.

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Xiahui bottle cap---R & D, design, all kinds of special special caps

30 years of hurricane and rain, 30 years of market tempering, Xiahui bottle caps do not seek to be big, only to be specialized and strong, willing to be your famous product safflower sweet green leaves. Choosing Xiahui bottle cap products is your wise choice.



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