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Wuxi Xiahui Bottle Cap Co., Ltd. has manufactured bottle cap from 1985. After 30 years struggle of basing on reformation, specializing management, improving technology and developing markets, the company has become one of biggest anti-false bottle cap manufacturers in the Eastern China region. Our product quality, price and reputation won great appreciation from customers. 
The company owns RMB25,000,000 fixed assets, 15,000m2 floor space and 7500m2 building area. Adopting computer numerical control equipment and pipeline operation, the company can produce 300 million bottle caps every year. The main products are twistoff type aluminum bottle cap, plastic anti-false bottle cap and aluminum plastic top grade bottle cap which are used in the packaging of bottle cap for alcoholic drinks, beverage and health products. At present, the company has adopted modern new-type anti-false technology and researched and developed packing container anti-false bottle caps for all kinds of fine wines. And we also supply bottle cap sealing machine and anti-false.


Wuxi Xiahui Bottle Cap Co., Ltd.


Xiahui bottle cap---R & D, design, all kinds of special special caps

30 years of hurricane and rain, 30 years of market tempering, Xiahui bottle caps do not seek to be big, only to be specialized and strong, willing to be your famous product safflower sweet green leaves. Choosing Xiahui bottle cap products is your wise choice.



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