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To open up a fascinating career prospect, let us make Xia Hui different

Talent introduction

We create a learning atmosphere that appreciates and challenges each other and firmly supports our employees.

Talent Concept

Provide an excellent job development platform for each talent to achieve maximum value

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Application requirements

The principle of recruitment is that the company recruiters adhere to the principle of “openness, equality, competition, and merit”! We always implement the people-oriented value concept and advocate "being honest and honest, doing things in a down-to-earth manner" Enterprise value and personal value complement each other and unite each other, and continuously maximize employee value and enterprise value!

Recruitment contact number

You can call us,Tel: 86-510-88158170 86-18936070062

Resume delivery mailbox

HRE-mail: sales@xhpg.net

Xiahui bottle cap---R & D, design, all kinds of special special caps

30 years of hurricane and rain, 30 years of market tempering, Xiahui bottle caps do not seek to be big, only to be specialized and strong, willing to be your famous product safflower sweet green leaves. Choosing Xiahui bottle cap products is your wise choice.



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