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To open up a fascinating career prospect, let us make Xia Hui different


1. 1 mechanic (male) (under 35 years old)
High school or above
Have the foundation of lathe worker, fitter and electric welding, can repair punch press and machine, has field experience, can draw simple mold drawings, and has a certain degree of workshop management ability, has a sense of responsibility, hard-working and positive spirit, and strong adaptability.
2. 1 salesperson (gender unlimited) (under 35 years old)
College degree or above
Major in computer or marketing, with good computer operation ability. Able to work hard, willing to travel, able to withstand greater work pressure, have the desire to challenge high salary and self-motivated. Work actively and enthusiastically, be conscientious and responsible, have strong language communication skills, have affinity, and have keen market insight.

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