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Marking, packaging, transportation and storage of aluminum anti-counterfeit bottle caps


The packing box shall be marked with: product name, specification, quantity, full name and address of the manufacturer, overall dimensions of the packing box, precautions for transportation and storage. The marks shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 191. There shall be product inspection certificate on or inside the packing box. The packing box is attached with labels, product batch number, production shift, production date and the signature and seal of the inspector.


The packaging of the cap shall be lined with plastic bags that meet the requirements of food hygiene. After the cap is loaded, the plastic bag shall be sealed. The outer packaging of the bottle cap is corrugated box.


The means of transportation shall be clean and dry. The weight stacked on the boxed products shall not exceed the bearing capacity of the outer packaging. The transportation process shall be covered to prevent pollution.


The product shall be stored in a ventilated and dry place. No toxic and corrosive substances are allowed to pollute it. The bottom layer shall be provided with a floor mat.

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