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The waste bottle cap can also be used like this

Use of waste bottle cap:

1. Peel ginger.

The shape of ginger is curved and uneven, and its volume is small. It is very troublesome to remove the ginger skin. You can use the teeth around the soda bottle or wine bottle cap to peel the ginger skin, which is fast and convenient.

2. Scrape fish scales.

Take a small round rod with a length of about 15 cm, nail two or four wine bottle caps on one end, and use the teeth on the end of the bottle cap to scrape fish scales. "This is a good tool for scraping fish scales.

3. Use waste bottle caps as decorations.

It is a very unique decoration to collect the lid on the wine bottle in a large glass bottle and put it in the dining room or living room.

4. Make drill bit.

If you want to drill a hole with a diameter of about 2cm on the soft wood or gray wall, you can fix a wine bottle cap with a bolt, and then clamp the bolt on the drill head, where the bottle cap can play the role of a drill.

5. Make handle.

Some bottle caps are beautiful and can be used as drawer handles. First carve a loop line at the neck with steel, tie the bottle with a cotton thread soaked in alcohol at the notch, light the cotton thread, and when the flame is about to go out, immerse the bottle in cold water, and the bottle mouth can be cut off. The bottle mouth can be fixed on the drawer by using appropriate bolts and eyelets, and then the bottle cap can be screwed on the bottle mouth.

6. Make the furniture slide easily.

Put a can cap under each leg of the furniture to slide the furniture.

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