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Application of bottle cap

Bottle cap is an important part of food and drink packaging, and also the place where consumers contact with products. The bottle cap has the function of keeping the contents of the product airtight, and also has the function of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is widely used in bottled products. Therefore, the bottle cap is the upstream industry of food, beverage, wine, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry, and is the key product of bottle container packaging. In the early development of bottle caps, cork materials, tinplate crown caps and unscrewed caps were used. Up to now, aluminum long-necked aluminum caps, carbonated drink aluminum caps, hot-filled aluminum caps, injection aluminum caps, drug caps, and open ring caps have been continuously developed, which are safe

Button and claw caps and plastic bottle caps.

As the bottle cap is an important part of the beverage packaging industry, the strong changes in the downstream consumer market demand will directly affect the market demand for the bottle cap, and the booming development of the beverage industry, the higher the requirements for the product packaging, and then drive the demand for the bottle cap products. And bottle cap products occupy a key position in the beverage packaging industry, so the development trend of the beverage industry will directly affect the demand for bottle cap products. In recent years, the market demand for bottle cap products has been stable and showing a growing trend. However, changes in the packaging materials used have caused changes in the variety structure of bottle cap products; Overall, the use ratio of plastic cover will be improved. Although some aluminum covers are replaced by plastic ones, they are mainly used in wine and functional drinks. The demand for aluminum covers has grown steadily, while the demand for claw covers has changed greatly.

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