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What is the aluminum anti-theft bottle cap

Aluminum bottle caps are mostly processed in production lines with a high degree of automation, so the requirements for material strength, elongation and dimensional deviation are very strict, otherwise, cracks or creases will occur during processing. In order to ensure the convenience of printing after the bottle cap is formed, it is required that the surface of the bottle cap material plate be flat, free of rolling marks, scratches and stains. Generally, the alloy states used include 8011-H14, 3003-H16, etc. The material specifications are generally 0.20mm~0.23mm thick and 449mm~796mm wide. The aluminum bottle cap material can be produced by hot rolling or continuous casting and rolling, and then cold rolling. At present, the production plants of anti-theft cover materials in China mostly use continuous casting and rolling billets, which are superior to cast-rolling billets.

Xiahui bottle cap---R & D, design, all kinds of special special caps

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